Sprout Pencil


Sprout Pencil




Why choose a Sprout pencil?

Sprout pencils are the original plantable pencils. Patented and guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

100% sustainable

All aspects of the Sprout pencil are sustainable and non-toxic – from the biodegradable seed capsule to the 100% natural clay and graphite core and PEFC/FSC-certified wood.

Quality pencils, quality seeds Eco Friendly Gifts

Regardless of whether you choose Sprout pencils in color or in grey, they are a joy to use. And when it’s time to stop writing and start planting, you’ll find it’s just as much fun to watch the seeds turn into plants.

All Sprout seeds have been selected because they are easy to germinate. So you can enjoy vibrant flowers, fragrant herbs or fresh vegetables.

Any logo or message can easily be engraved on the side of the pencil and the packaging can also be designed with your logo or messaging. The only condition is that you order a minimum of 500 pencils.